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Image of Kid and Dog FishingKids and Dogs

Do you love dogs?

Many children and teens ask their parents for a dog and spend time thinking about what it would be like to have their own dog.  If you are a young person who wants a dog, this page will help you think about that decision to see if you are ready. 

Start by reading the questions below:

  • Am I responsible?
  • Am I kind and generous?
  • Am I gentle with people and animals?
  • Do I have extra time to spend with a dog?

Now, answer these questions on a piece of paper. Don't just write yes or no. 

Write down examples of things you have done. The questions below will help you:

  • Write down 3 times that you have demonstrated responsibility in the past week and explain them.
  • Write about 2 times that you have been kind and generous to people.
  • Write about a time when you took care of a dog and what you did. Figure out how much extra time you have to share with a dog every day

Think about what you have written:

  • Will you be a good dog owner?
  • Will you treat your dog humanely?
  • See our page about being humane!

Ask yourself this question: Does EVERYONE in your house want a dog?

There are many THINGS TO BE AWARE OF before you decide to get a dog. Before you promise a home to a dog that will depend on you for the rest of his/her life, check out the information listed with each of the links below!