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Kids and Dogs

Kids and Dogs - What You Should Know

Please, think about it before you get a dog. You and your family should understand these things about living with a dog:

  • Dogs need a safe and secure home and yard to live in.

  • Dogs need a good shelter to keep them warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Dogs need basic obedience training.

  • Dogs need to be fed a good quality dog food and need fresh water daily.

  • Dogs need companionship and need to play and exercise.

  • Dogs may get lonely when they are by themselves-and may bark a lot or become destructive-like digging holes in your backyard. They also need you to play with them and take them for walks.

  • Dogs naturally chew things-they need good, safe dog bones and chew toys. Otherwise, they may chew up your toys, shoes, furniture, etc.

  • Dogs need regular visits to a veterinarian for check ups and vaccinations. Also, dogs can get sick and cost a lot of money at the vet.

  • Dogs need to be spayed or neutered so that they don't have puppies. There are too many homeless pets already!

  • When dogs get older, they often need special care- including more frequent visits to the veterinarian, a softer bed and more attention.

  • Dogs need regular brushing and bathing.

  • Dogs need to be treated to prevent fleas, ticks and heartworms.

  • Dogs need a pet sitter or boarding when you want to go away, if they can't go with you.

  • Dogs need to be licensed. They should always have on a good collar with the license and an identification tag, or be microchipped. If your dog gets lost, this will help make sure that whoever finds him can get him back to you!

  • Dogs generally live 10-12 years (and small dogs live even longer!) You have to be prepared to take care of the dog for his whole life.

Remember these things about dogs. If you and your family are not able to do any of these things, maybe a dog is not the best pet for you.


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