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Kids and Dogs

Kids and Dogs - Crate Training Your Dog

Many people prefer to housebreak their dogs using a method called 'crate training'. They put their dog in a special dog crate (cage) during the night and when they are away from home for short periods of time.

Dogs will usually not mess in small areas because it feels like a cave or home to them. Then, when the people come home or wake up, they let their dog out into the yard.

Crate training is a good way to help your dog become housebroken. Dogs like crates because it gives them a chance to be alone for a little while. Even dogs like privacy! If you are interested in crate training, don't try it by yourself. Get more information on crate training before you start it!!!

TIP: Be patient and try to understand your young dog. Dogs don't do things wrong on purpose. They are gentle and loving and just want to please you. But they do make mistakes. You have to be patient, and humanely teach your dog the right things to do!


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