Community Development Agency

Aradhana Kochar

(916) 599-5673

(Placerville, CA) – The Transportation Division of El Dorado County’s Community Development Agency will implement a full closure of the western entrance to Fort Jim Road at Newtown Road (Placerville side) beginning Thursday, January 5, 2017.

Heavy and persistent rains have caused significant damage to the pavement on the westerly end of Fort Jim Road immediately south of the intersection at Newtown Road. Due to the upcoming predicted rain storms forecast to begin Friday evening, January 6, 2017, the extent of the damage cannot be determined at this time. It is not known when the western entrance to Fort Jim Road at Newtown Road will be reopened to motorists.

While the closure is in place, motorists may access Fort Jim Road from the eastern entrance to Fort Jim Road (Pleasant Valley side) from Newtown Road. Portable changeable message signs will be placed adjacent Newtown Road west of Fort Jim Road and at the intersection of Newtown Road / Fort Jim Road (Pleasant Valley side) to keep motorists updated on the closure.

The Transportation Division understands the inconvenience that motorists face while this closure is in place and sincerely appreciates your patience with this matter.

Questions regarding these temporary closures may be directed to Aradhana Kochar, Senior Civil Engineering, at (916) 599-5673.