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The County Announces the Closure of Mt. Aukum Road Due to Multiple Sinkholes Creighton Avila (530) 621-5153 2017-02-07 DOT

The Transportation Division of the County of El Dorado’s Community Development Agency has closed both directions of Mt. Aukum Road indefinitely due to multiple sinkholes. The road is closed at the north end at the North Fork of the Cosumnes River Bridge and at the south end at Happy Valley Road, just north of Grizzly Flat Road. 

The closure is necessary to ensure the safety and protection of the public who use that portion of the road. 

The following are the detours: 

  • North Bound Mt. Aukum Traffic 
    • At Bucks Bar Road turn left and travel to Pleasant Valley Road 
    • At Pleasant Valley Road turn right and travel east back to Mt. Aukum Road 
  • South Bound Mt. Aukum Traffic 
    • At the intersection of Sly Park Road/Pleasant Valley Road/Mt. Aukum Road travel west on Pleasant Valley Road to Bucks Bar Road 
    • At Bucks Bar Road turn left and travel back to Mt. Aukum Road 
  • Local Traffic 
    • Local Mt. Aukum Road traffic that will terminate their trip north of the North Fork of the Cosumnes Mine Bridge will be allowed to travel south on Mt. Aukum Road until the closure. 

The County sincerely appreciates the cooperation and patience of all motorists that use Mt. Aukum Road. 

To get an update on the status of all County roads, parks, and trails please visit the County’s website at: 

If you have any knowledge of damage to County infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) please contact the County at the following phone number: 530-642-4909.