Wendy West

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 When is the best time to control yellow starthistle? What other invasive weeds should I be looking for on my property or on public lands? How can I stop new weed infestations and spread? These are just a few of the question that will be addressed at the “Yellow Starthistle Control and Preventing the Spread of Invasive Weeds” workshop scheduled for Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. The training session will be conducted at the El Dorado County Administrative Building A in the Board of Supervisor’s Chambers, 330 Fair Lane, Placerville. The training is geared toward homeowners, farmers, ranchers and land managers to assist them to understand invasive weed biology plus specific control measures and the correct timing of each method. Winter and early spring are the perfect times to prepare a yellow starthistle control plan and apply chemical treatments, since several herbicides are most effective when used at the early stages of plant development. Workshop participants will also learn how to prevent the further spread of yellow starthistle and other invasive weeds on their property, to help protect uninfested and high-value areas. There is a $5 fee for this workshop. Registration is recommended and available online at: or by calling Nancy Starr at University of California Cooperative Extension (530) 621-5503. Walk-in registration will be available, on a space available basis. This workshop is presented by the El Dorado County Invasive Weeds Management Group, University of California Cooperative Extension and the El Dorado County Agriculture Department.