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El Dorado County Update on Infrastructure Problems Due to Recent Storms - February 10, 2017 Creighton Avila (530) 621-5153 2017-02-10 CAO

Placerville, CA – El Dorado County over the last couple of weeks has seen a significant amount of rain and snow fall. The rain and snow fall has caused infrastructure problems countywide. In the Tahoe Basin, significant snow and now rain amounts, have staff working 24 hours a day to plow roads, clear blocked drains due to snow berms, and remove downed trees. There was significant flooding in the Meyers area on Tuesday and Wednesday. The following is an update on road closures in the unincorporated area of the Tahoe Basin:

  • Arapahoe Street is closed between San Diego Street and Country Club Drive due to a sink hole caused by a failed culvert.
  • Elks Club Drive is closed between US 50 and Waverly Drive. A culvert has failed.
  • Most of Waverly Drive is closed due to the condition of the road.

The following is an update of road closures on the west slope:

  • Mt. Aukum Road – Closed north of Bucks Bar Road due to multiple sinkholes.
  • Fort Jim Road at Newtown Road - Failing drainage structure.
  • Kyburz Drive - Mudslide/trees/ debris blocking drainage. Will take several days to remove. Local access available for residents. 
  • Weber Creek at Jurgens/Luneman - Low water crossing, flooded and unsafe for vehicle traffic. 
  • Cosumnes Mine Road at North Fork of Cosumnes River. Bridge approach failure. In addition, other sections of the road, not associated with the bridge, have experienced slope failure. 
  • Peavine Ridge Road just to the north of US 50 – The road is slipping.

The following are roads that the County is working to correct but are still passable. Please use caution while using these roads:

  • Airport Road just east of the airport – There is a slip in the road which has been barricaded. 
  • Grizzly Flat Road – Has a failing culvert, which has been patched but will need a permanent fix when weather allows. 
  • Newtown Road – There is a major slip beyond the Pleasant Valley entrance of Fort Jim Road. Currently the slip has gotten worse and the roadway has been reduced to one lane. Traffic signals have been placed at either end and are allowing traffic to travel in both directions.
  • String Canyon Road – Has a major slip that is barricaded. 
  • Green Valley Road – Has a slip just to the west of the new Weber Creek Bridge. 
  • White Meadows Road – The slope above the road is beginning to slide which is causing the road to buckle. The area has been barricaded.

In addition, County staff has been responding to calls regarding 100s of downed trees, flooding, potholes, and small and large slides. The most significant slides have occurred along Salmon Falls Road, Rock Creek Road, Mosquito Road, Newtown Road, Forni Road, and Hassler Road. County staff on the west slope has been working nonstop to fix and mitigate the infrastructure issues.

To get an update on the status of all County roads, parks, and trails please visit the following website:

If you have any knowledge of damage to County infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) please contact the County at the following phone number: 530-642-4909.