Economic Development

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Placerville, CA — The El Dorado County Economic Development Opportunity Grant Program was approved by the Board of Supervisors in January of 2016. The County is seeking applications with creative ideas that will help the County grow jobs and bolster the area’s economy.

On April 15, the Chief Administrative Office, Economic Development Division, will open the application process for the 2016 round of funding. Funding for this program is made available under the County’s Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) program. It is anticipated that approximately $750,000 will be awarded in the 2016 funding round.

The funds will be distributed to projects that economically benefit El Dorado County, and are consistent with its Economic Development Strategic Plan (found at:

Eligible applicants for the grant program include non-profit organizations and agencies that can effectively run economic development programs and projects that benefit County residents. Examples include capacity building, infrastructure and skills development, lending, and alternative financing programs.

The funds were made available from the County’s Transient Occupancy Tax Program, or “hotel tax,” which was approved by the voters as Measure “H” in 2004. By County mandate, a simple majority of TOT funds, or approximately $1.5 million annually, must be used for the promotion of tourism, entertainment, business, and leisure travel in El Dorado County. TOT funds for economic development are administered by the El Dorado County Chief Administrative Office, Economic Development Division.

“The Economic Development Division has worked hard to create an application process that is fair, equitable, and transparent,” said Interim Chief Administrative Officer Larry Combs. “At the same time, we need to ensure the projects that are funded will have the maximum impact to create sustainable, structural changes in the El Dorado County economy so that we can compete as a 21st century place to do business.”

The 2016 round of applications will be due by 4:30 p.m. on May 20, 2016. Application workshops will be scheduled by teleconference for prospective applicants. Specific dates and locations of the workshops will be posted on the web site.

Applications will be scored using criteria that will ensure the funding is focused on projects that create jobs, promote economic development in El Dorado County and meet the goals and objectives of the County’s Economic Development Strategic Plan. Scoring and review will be followed by prioritization and funding allocation by the Chief Administrative Office and Community and Economic Development Advisory Committee, who will provide a recommendation to County Board of Supervisors in May. The 2016 round of grants and loans will be announced as part of the County’s FY 2016/17 budget process.

For more information and application documents, go to or Economic Development.