Community Development Agency

Creighton Avila

(530) 621-5153

Placerville, CA – The El Dorado County Community Development Agency (CDA) is pleased to announce that customers can now schedule appointments online (including mobile devices) for a wide variety of CDA services, including those provided by Building Services, Code Enforcement, Environmental Management, Planning and Transportation. Appointments related to applications for building, planning, and road encroachment permits; information on septic and well systems; reporting code enforcement complaints; researching a specific property and general information may now be scheduled online.

In addition to allowing customers the ability to schedule their own appointments online, the new electronic queue-management system, Qless, also offers customers the ability to see the current wait time for each division, and gives the option to join the line from home or lobby kiosk. The new queuing system also gives customers the option to receive real time text updates on the status of their appointment and their place in line. 

CDA is continually striving to improve customer service, and Qless is the latest customer experience improvement.