Carla B. Hass


​Public Health Officer Urges Personal Responsibility During Labor Day Weekend

The following statement can be attributed to El Dorado County's Public Health Officer, Dr. Nancy Williams


(PLACERVILLE, CA) – "Before COVID-19, many of us would spend the Labor Day weekend getting together with friends and extended families to enjoy a little down time from work, as is the American tradition.  This year, things have changed, but we can still enjoy our holiday weekend safely.


"Whether it's the last getaway of the summer to a cabin in the woods, a tent in the forest, a place near a lake, or a backyard barbeque before cooler weather sets in, this year's activities must be done a little differently in light of the COVID pandemic.  Many Labor Day traditions can be continued safely while others should be postponed or modified until positive case rates have been significantly reduced or have subsided.  You just have to choose carefully.  A substitute safer activity may even become part of your new tradition.  This year, try making it a smaller celebration with just your immediate family, those you live with.  Remember that some people infected with coronavirus develop no symptoms but can still spread the illness.  You don't want to accidentally share COVID-19 with your extended family or friends.


"In addition to keeping people from getting sick, there are other benefits of helping to keep COVID-19 rates low.  Last week the State issued a new framework for reopening businesses and resuming activities and El Dorado County was placed in the second of a four-tier system, the Red tier.  We can enjoy a few more activities under this new framework than we could under the former COVID-monitoring system, such as the addition of a limited amount of in-person dining.  If we do well in keeping rates low, we'll be able to go to even more businesses and enjoy more activities.


"The next two weeks and especially this holiday weekend will be critical in determining our future and, honestly, it's up to you. It truly depends on the choices we all make now.  Risks you take today that may expose you or others to COVID-19 may result in El Dorado County's rates rising just when we are hoping to be reclassified into a less restrictive tier. 


"So, this weekend, please avoid gatherings with people you don't live with. Wear a mask when you're out in public.  Stay six feet or more away from people you don't live with.  Choose to be outside rather than inside if it's not too hot.  Wash your hands and sanitize high-touch areas.


We can already do many activities in El Dorado County.   We'll be able to do even more in a few weeks if we all do our parts now to avoid spreading COVID-19." 



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