Karen Coleman

(530) 621-5800

K. E. Coleman, El Dorado County Treasurer-Tax Collector, shares news from the State Controller’s Office that applications for deferment of 2020-21 property taxes will be available some time this month.

The Property Tax Postponement Program, or PTP Program, administered by the State Controller’s Office, allows eligible homeowners to postpone payment of property taxes on their primary residence. To be eligible, you must: be at least 62, or blind, or have a disability; own and occupy the home; have a total household income of $45,000 or less; have at least 40% equity in the home; and meet other requirements. Repayment under the PTP Program becomes due when the homeowner: moves; sells; transfers title; defaults; refinances; dies or obtains a reverse mortgage.

Funding for the program is limited. Applications are accepted from October 1 to February 10 and are processed in the order received. 

Coleman advises, “This is a popular program, so if you are interested and feel that you may qualify, do not delay. Contact the State Controller’s Team by phone at 800-952-5661 or by email to An addition to the PTP Program last year,” continues Coleman, “that was an added benefit for many seniors in our County, is that manufactured homes now qualify.”

Requirements are subject to change without notice if the law is revised. Additional information and eligibility requirements can be found on the California State Controller’s website at .