Treasurer-Tax Collector

Karen Coleman


Property Tax Postponement Deadline Extended to April 14 due to Weather Emergencies 

K. E. Coleman, El Dorado County Treasurer-Tax Collector, shares news from the State Controller's Office that the deadline to apply for California's Property Tax Postponement Program ("PTP") has been extended. 

"The PTP can provide much-needed relief to qualifying individuals in a critical time of need," explains Coleman.  "Due to impacts of weather-related and other emergencies," continues Coleman, "the State Controller's office has issued a statewide extension to file from February 20 until April 14, 2023." 

The PTP, administered by the State Controller's Office, allows eligible homeowners to postpone payment of property taxes on their primary residence. To be eligible, you must: be at least 62, or blind, or have a disability; own and occupy the home; have a total household income of $49,017 or less; have at least 40% equity in the home; have no reverse mortgage on the property and meet other Program requirements. Repayment under the PTP Program becomes due when the homeowner: moves; sells; transfers title; defaults; refinances; dies or obtains a reverse mortgage.  Funding for the program is limited and applications are processed in the order received.

The application packet and instructions are found on the State Controller's website  For additional information, call 800-952-5661 or e-mail

Requirements are subject to change without notice if the law is revised. In the 2021-2022 tax year, California homeowners were able to postpone more than $4.4 million in residential property taxes. Funding for PTP is limited, and applications are processed in the order they are received. Participants must reapply each year and demonstrate they continue to meet eligibility requirements.