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(PLACERVILLE, CA) – El Dorado County's Parks division today announced it was awarded $2 million in Prop 68 funding to create the Old Depot Bike Park in Placerville, CA.

"We're thrilled to receive this funding to bring much needed recreational opportunities to our youth and some young-at-heart bike enthusiasts," said Vickie Sanders, Parks Manager. "We look forward to turning what is now a vacant lot into a great community asset."

Prop 68 funding is intended to provide recreation for the underserved and disadvantaged communities.  

The County acquired the property at 40 Old Depot Rd, Placerville in May 2018. The project site is currently a fenced vacant lot, making it inaccessible to the public. The surrounding area of Missouri Flat is mostly for commercial use and does not have any existing park space; however, the site is adjacent to a walking trail that spans from El Dorado Hills to Camino. The County purchased the site for the purpose of developing a park. 

"This beautiful park will offer a wide range of ADA-compliant features and equipment, along with several different types of recreational options for uses appropriate for people from young kids to older adults, support intergenerational recreation and assist in preventing obesity and diabetes," Sanders pointed out.

It will include ADA-compliant exercise equipment suitable for all fitness levels and a wide range of ages, playground equipment for toddlers to older youth, climbing/bouldering structures accessible to a wide age range, a BMX track for youth and adults, a freestyle slope-style course that caters to youth and adults, and a trick area/bowl for teens and adults.

In addition, this location is easily accessed by walking or biking from the El Dorado Trail. The El Dorado Trail is a Class One paved trail from Camino to Missouri Flat and continues as a natural trail down to Latrobe at the County line. The County has completed the next segment of the Class One section of trail which extends to the town of El Dorado.  This allows for even more residents to utilize the trail as an alternate mode of transportation to the major hub of Missouri Flat.

The County is currently in the public process for design and California Environmental Quality Act on this project.   This project will be completed by March 2022. Alternative design options are seen here:

Old Depot Bike Park 1.PNG

Old Depot Bike Park 2.PNG

Old Depot Bike Park 3.PNG




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