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(PLACERVILLE, CA) – In an effort to keep nonessential travel to a minimum, the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors this week unanimously voted to approve an emergency ordinance to issue administrative fines for those who violate the County’s Order regarding travel into the El Dorado County portion of Lake Tahoe.

“The April 3, 2020 Order prohibiting nonessential travel into the Lake Tahoe Basin is punishable as a misdemeanor, yet because inappropriate travel continues to occur, the Board must take more aggressive measures to stem the tide of visitors and others who are traveling to Lake Tahoe in order to protect the low numbers of confirmed cases in El Dorado County and prevent needless impact on local health care and other resources,” said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Brian Veerkamp.

The emergency ordinance, which took effect April 14th, allows code enforcement and law enforcement officials and the Public Health Officer or her designee to issue a $1,000 a day administrative citation in violation of the travel Order. The enforcement officer must notify the responsible party in writing or by phone. The ordinance gives the responsible party 48 hours to provide written verification of their essential travel need. The responsible party can appeal the citation by requesting a hearing within ten calendar days of service of the citation.

The ordinance is only applicable in the unincorporated El Dorado County portion of the Lake Tahoe Basin and will sunset on April 30, 2020. It does not apply to those who are traveling to property they own.


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