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(PLACERVILLE, CA) – El Dorado County officials placed a renewed emphasis on economic development this week with the unveiling of a new website, promotional video and demographic information to help retain and grow existing businesses and attract new companies to the County.

“The new campaign, Elevate to El Dorado, showcases the unique attributes, culture and lifestyle that have embodied the County since the Gold Rush, but with a current approach to attract the level of business that will sustain the growth of both the needs for and levels of County services,” said Chief Administrator, Don Ashton.

The three components are the first in what will be a dynamic, nimble approach to attracting new business and assisting current business owners that will be developed over the course of the next year.

“We are well aware that companies have many locations to consider right here in Northern California,” said Tiffany Schmid, Principal Analyst with the County.. “We’ve needed to take a bolder approach to developing and marketing messages that keep El Dorado County in the competitive mix. Elevate to El Dorado is one element of our County’s strategic plan to make it more desirable and easier to do business here.”

The website is engaging, easily navigable and filled with valuable information including an interactive map of the five major business parks in the County, a site selection tool to help prospective business owners get information about commercial property, links to local partners, a calendar of upcoming economic development events and meetings, demographics, and more. It can be found at

The promotional video is a stunning, fast-paced piece that encourages people to “stay a while” and experience the treasures of El Dorado County, giving a nod to our past and letting prospective decision makers know we’re prepared for the future. The video can be found on the bottom of the website.

Finally, the County commissioned the first in-depth demographic study since 2010. Conducted by the Center for Economic Development at California State University, Chico, the study provides data that can be applied to grant writing, market analysis, community promotion, business planning, and community planning. It can be found here:

“Taken together, these elements represent a part of our overall commitment to better position El Dorado County for a prosperous future,” said Ashton.



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