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(PLACERVILLE, CA) – El Dorado County today announced the public release of the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Adopted budget which the Board of Supervisors will consider September 18, 2020. The $712 million overall budget is three percent less than last year's Adopted Budget while maintaining services and programs, keeping salaries and benefits flat when compared to the Recommended Budget that was approved in June, and setting aside additional funds for contingencies, reserves, and unfunded liabilities.


"I am pleased to present this balanced budget which  is able to maintain existing levels of service to our community, particularly in light of the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has presented to our operations and revenue," said Chief Administrative Officer, Don Ashton.


In his annual Budget Memo to the Board of Supervisors, Ashton noted the Recommended Budget that was approved by the Board in June 2020 was largely a 'status-quo' budget with many requests from departments being deferred to allow time to obtain a better understanding of the fiscal impacts caused by the pandemic. 


"The recommendations included in the Adopted Budget meet all federal and state requirements as well as all of the Board approved budget policies, including setting aside $5 million for facility capital replacement and improvement costs, replenishing the CalPERS Unfunded Accrued Liability reserves, as well as setting aside $2.3 million for the first payment on the Public Safety Facility which is due July 2, 2021," Ashton said.


Fiscal Year 2019-20 year-end books have not yet closed so additional adjustments to the budget may need to be made once the final numbers are available, but State law requires a public hearing and approval of the Adopted Budget no later than October 2, 2020.


"Because of the uncertainty the pandemic will have on our revenues, I continue to recommend a cautious approach to revenue projections and approving new or ongoing expenditures. It is primarily due to this cautious approach suggested by staff, reflected by departments, agreed to in labor union negotiations, and carried out by the Board that we find ourselves able to present an Adopted Budget that contains no cuts to services and programs, keeps our employees whole and allows the County to save for future needs," Ashton pointed out.  

The Adopted Budget suggests any additional year end savings identified after the complete close of the FY 2019-2020 books be prioritized for the following use:

  • General Liability/Workers Comp:                          Up to $3 million
  • El Dorado Center:                                                 Up to $3 million
  • Facility Capital Replacement Reserves:                 Any remaining amounts.

Should the year end fund balance be lower than anticipated, staff will return to the Board with recommendations on how to close any funding gaps as soon as possible after the year end books have closed, according to Ashton.  


"This is a fiscally responsible and solid Adopted Budget in light of current events which maintains the high level of services provided by El Dorado County due to the commitment of County employees to serving their community," Ashton said.


The FY 2020-21 Budget can be found here. The special Board of Supervisors Budget Hearing is scheduled for Friday, September 18th at 1:00 pm


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