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The El Dorado County Draft Climate Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) is available for public review. The Draft CVA was developed to support the County's General Plan Public Health, Safety, and Noise Element (Safety Element) update. It is based on the latest climate science and incorporates local data and projections to provide a comprehensive understanding of our region's vulnerability to climate change. The Draft CVA identifies climate-related natural and public health hazards that the County is exposed to and explores how climate change would affect these natural hazards. The Draft CVA describes how climate change hazards can impact the County's socially vulnerable populations, property, critical infrastructure, natural resources, and economic assets. The County's adaptive capacity is also assessed to inform the development of adaptation strategies considered in the Safety Element update.

Residents, organizations, businesses, and interested stakeholders are encouraged to contribute to the planning process for the General Plan Safety Element by reviewing the Draft CVA and providing feedback on its findings and recommendations. The public review period will be open for 20 days, starting on May 2, 2023 through May 21, 2023. The Draft CVA is available to download and review on the Safety Element website:

Please email your feedback to County staff at

Public participation is key to developing a comprehensive CVA and an updated Safety Element that will be effective and supported by County residents. The feedback on the Draft CVA will be considered as the County develops climate adaptation strategies that will be integrated into the Safety Element update. This key planning document will enable the County to build stronger and safer communities that will be better prepared to withstand and adapt to climate change.

The County will also be hosting a second, virtual public workshop for the Draft CVA via a Microsoft Teams on May 9, 2023, from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.

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Meeting ID 243 080 253 284

Passcode: vAfkKH

To learn more about the CVA and sign up for updates please visit: