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(PLACERVILLE, CA) – The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors appointed Greg Stanton as Director of Environmental Management, effective immediately.

“Greg brings to this new position more than 14 years with El Dorado County in the area of environmental management and more than 17 years in the public sector,” said Chief Administrator, Don Ashton. “His exceptional leadership skills and deep commitment to the County will help enhance the public health, safety and environment for all residents. We are very fortunate to have his expertise to help guide this County through environmental management issues.”

Recently the County reorganized what is now Community Development Services to include directors of three primary departments, of which Environmental Management is one. Stanton previously was Interim Director during the restructuring and while an open recruitment for the Director position was conducted. Stanton has held positions within the County as Solid Waste Supervisor, Environmental Health Manager, Deputy Director of the Environmental Management division, and Division Director of Environmental Health. He is a registered Environmental Health Specialist with the State.

In addition to his work in the public sector, Stanton has more than 22 years in the private sector in fields directly related to environmental management programs, such as food safety and food facility operations, potable water, recreational water safety and wastewater treatment plant operations.

“I’m delighted to continue the path I’ve been on with the County for so many years,” said Stanton. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to keep doing what I’m passionate about in the hopes of making a positive difference for the residents of El Dorado County.”

Stanton holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from San Diego State University.


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