Jon Deville


Filing a Misfortune & Calamity Claim Jumpstarts the Process

El Dorado County Assessor Jon DeVille is reminding property owners in the path of the recent torrential rainstorms and snowstorms that they may be eligible for tax relief.

“The recent spate of winter storms have caused significant damage and in some cases devastating losses," Assessor Jon DeVille said. “I want to remind property owners that you may be eligible for property tax relief that could save you money on your taxes as you move forward.”

By filing a claim for Misfortune & Calamity relief within one year of the incident, properties that have sustained a minimum of $10,000 in damage or destroyed entirely may be eligible for a refund of taxes already paid and lower annual tax bills until the property is repaired or rebuilt.

Claim forms for Misfortune & Calamity relief can be accessed by calling the El Dorado County Assessor’s Office at 530-621-5719 or online at Assessor - El Dorado County (

Also, Assessor Deville encourages residents to use the County’s general information phone number of 530-621-5895 or online at Office of Emergency Services (OES) ( to get information about other services offered during the recent slate of heavy storm weather.