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System Vendor
System Product / ApplicationBrief Statement of system's PurposeGeneral Description of Categories or Types of DataFrequency of Data CollectionFrequency of Data UpdateDepartment Primary Custodian
Chameleon BeachChameleonCase management for Animal Services DepartmentAnimal Owner InformationDailyAs neededAnimal Services
Computer Corporation of America/RocketM204Collect Property Tax PaymentsName, Address, Parcel Number, Tax Payment historyDailyDailyAssessor/Tax Collector/Auditor
InforPayrollPayrollPayroll time entry and paychecksDailyDailyAuditor
CourtView Justice SolutionsDAMIONDistrict Attorney Case Management SystemCase ManagementDailyDailyDistrict Attorney
GranicusGranicusSupervisor MeetingsRecord meetingsWeeklyWeeklyBOS
Developed In-HouseStormwater TrackingTrack Sediment and Grading IssuesProperty Owner, Caller, and Incident InformationAs needed
As neededCommunity Development Agency
Developed In-HouseCounty EngineerBilling for county engineer servicesCustomer name/address and billing statusWeeklyMonthlyCommunity Development Agency
Developed In-HouseFax PermitsTracking of faxed in transportation permitsbusiness nameDailyDailyCommunity Development Agency
Developed In-HouseCounter Log - (BIC)Customer tracking and staff alert systemCustomers, Activity, Time tracking, Staff who assisted customer, DailyDailyCommunity Development Agency - Development Services
Developed In-HouseCase Activity Notification System (CANS)Allows public to subscribe to case notifications sent by the District Attorney's office like court dates and subpoenasName, address, phone, employer, date of birth, driver licenseDailyDailyDistrict Attorney
CalEPACERSState Hazmat TrackingStorage, Ownership, BusinessDailyDailyEnvironmental Mgmt
AccelaEnvisionConnectPermit application, inspection, compliance trackingPermitting, inspections,time keeping, enforcementDailyDailyEnvironmental Mgmt
AccelaPress AgentOnline food inspectionsFood facility inspectionDailyDailyEnvironmental Mgmt
CCA/rRocketM204AR Welfareaccts recievable for finesDailyDailyHHSA
MediwareHarmonyCase Management for AAA ProgramsCase Mg, CARS, and BillingDailyDailyHHSA - Human Services
PanosoftPanoramicCase Management for Public Guardian and Adult Protective Servicesinvestigations, case management, payments, receiptsDailyDailyHHSA - Human Services
NetsmartAvatarCWS for Mental Health and ADPClinical and BillingDailyDailyHHSA - Mental Health
Developed In-HouseParamedic Accreditation Training and Skills (PATS)Track training and skill demonstrations for paramedics to maintain their County accreditationName, employer, email, paramedic ID, skills and trainingsDailyDailyHHSA - Public Health - EMS
GoogleGoogleMail/WorkflowMail serverDailyDailyIT
EMCApplication ExtenderOnline document managementScan documents, images, mapDailyDailyIT
TimeTradeTimeTradeOnline appointment systemAppointment schedulerDailyDailyIT
GovDeliveryGovDeliveryCommunication data via subscriptionsCommunications, notificationsDailyDailyIT
CaleroVeraSmartPhone system tracking/reporting of invoice/inventory/work ordersincoming/outgoing call detail records for county phonesDailyDailyIT
CCA/rRocketM204AR Probationaccts receivable for restitution including names, address, contact info.DailyDailyProbation
AutomonCaseload Explorer (PRIORS)Probation Case Management SystemCase Management of all Adult and Juvenile supervision cases, as well as management of juveniles in our institutions.DailyDailyProbation
Noble Software GroupNoble SoftwareRisk/Needs Assessment & Case PlanningRisk/Needs Assessment & Case PlanningDailyDailyProbation
IBMCoplinkOrganizes and analyzes law enforcement data into a tactically sophisticated user friendly systemCase Management of all Adult information, as well as current status of terms and conditionsDailyDailyProbation
AtpacCRiisRecorders Index/Vital StatisticsRecorders Index/Vital StatisticsDailyDailyRecorder/Clerk
CCA/rRocketM204Recorders Index/Vital StatisticsRecorders Index/Vital StatisticsDailyDailyRecorder/Clerk
GoogleGoogleMail/WorkflowMail serverDailyDailySheriff's Office
SoftCodeCivilCivil ProcessingTracking records to Civil actionsDailyDailySheriff's Office
Developed In-HouseAlarm SystemTracking and issuing alarm permitsCitizen home and business info where alarms are installed.DailyDailySheriff's Office
TracNetACISRecords Management SystemCrime case data, special permitsDailyDailySheriff's Office
TracNetCADComputer Aided Dispatch SystemTracking location and type of calls for serviceDailyDailySheriff's Office
TracNetJMSJail Management SystemInmate tracking and booking recordsDailyDailySheriff's Office
Watchguard ICVIn-car Video SystemPatrol video of public contactsDailyDailySheriff's Office
Video InsightVMSFixed video surveillance storagePerimeter and internal jail videoDailyDailySheriff's Office
KeefeCommissaryInmate purchased suppliesInmate purchasesDailyDailySheriff's Office
NCIC Inmate CommunicationsInmate phone systemTrack and provide Inmate phone servicesInmate phone recordsDailyDailySheriff's Office
Sheriff Press BlogPress releasesPress releasesDailyDailySheriff's Office
ESRIArcGISGeographic InfoARCGIS for server/ ARCviewDailyDailySurveyor
Developed In-HouseOnline Business LicenseApply and renew business licensesOwner, business type, payment info,dates DailyDailyTax Collector
Developed In-HouseOnline Tax BillsCollect and display property taxName, parcel, payment, historyDailyDailyTax Collector
Developed In-HouseVacation Home RentalsTrack Vacation Home Rental PermitsOwner's contact information, renewal datesAs neeededAs neededTax Collector
Developed In-HouseACESPublic Defender Case Management SystemCase assignments, notes, and disposition information. As neededAs neededPublic Defender
RT LawrenceRTLFIRSTCollect tax bill paymentsName, parcel, payment, digital images of checks and bill stubsDailyDailyTax Collector
PCI LLCCashieringCollect payment for tax bills, business licensesName, parcel, payment, digital images of checks and bill stubsDailyDailyTax Collector
Developed In-HouseSuspenseCollect information on over/under payments, journals informationName, address, parcel,amounts over/underDailyDailyTax Collector
Developed In-HouseTax SaleCollect information of defaulted property going to tax sale auctionName, address, parcel, default amounts, notesAnnuallyAs neededTax Collector
Developed In-HouseRedemption WorksheetCollect and calculate the cost of redeming default property taxesName, address, parcel, default amounts, notesAnnuallyAs neededTax Collector
Developed In-HousePCI DataCollect all parcel information on property taxesName, address, parcel, amountsDailyDailyTax Collector
Developed In-HouseForm LetterPrint form lettersName, address, parcel, amountsDailyDailyTax Collector
ComputerWorksIntertracTrack attorney matters and time; create reports. Case Management SystemCase number, Contract or Legal Service Number. Attorney assigned to matter. Attorney time spent on matter.DailyDailyCounty Counsel
e-OSCARe-OSCARCredit checkingCredit report informationWeeklyAs neededChild Support
LexisNexisAccurintBackground checkingLocation informationDailyAs neededChild Support
EquifaxThe Work NumberEmployment verificationEmployment verificationDailyAs neededChild Support
ApprissJusticeXchangeCriminal/justice informationBooking & incarceration informationDailyAs neededChild Support
RevQRevenue ResultsCollectionsCollections accountingDailyDailyRevenue Recovery
SurveyMonkeySurveyMonkeyOnline SurveysSurvey response collectionAs neededAs neededChild Support
LexisNexisAccurintBackground checkingLocation informationDailyAs neededRevenue Recovery
HAPPY Software, Inc.Housing ProCase management system for the Public Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher Programcase management, inspections DailyAs neededHHSA - Human Services
Central Coast Energy Services, IncServTraqCase management for Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program and DOE Weatherization Assistance Programcase management, reportingDailyAs neededHHSA - Human Services
Tyler TechnologiesMunisFinance and ERPGeneral Ledger, Finance, Contracts, PurchasingDailyAs neededCAO
PatagoniaPatagoniaPublic Health Clinic Case Management SystemElectronic health recordsAs neededAs neededHHSA
DFM AssociatesEIMSElection Information Management SystemElection polling data, ballot generationAs NeededAs neededElections
SuperionTrakITDevelopment Services permittingBuilding permits, plan checking, inspectionsAs NeededAs NeededDevelopment Services
MegabyteMegabyteProperty and Tax systemProperty assessment data, tax roll informationAs neededAs neededAssessor
ImageTrendePCRElectronic Prehospitilization Case ManagementAmbulance service and billing dataAs neededAs neededHHSA